Run 2

How to play:

The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:

Space bar/Up arrow = Jump

A/Left arrow = Left

D/Right arrow = Right

Run 2 is an entertaining casual running game.  Here, you need to control the characters you choose to run on the right platform.  If it is not well controlled, it will slip into the abyss.  Then you have failed, so when running, you must carefully control it in the right position.

The game operation of Run 2

In Run 2, you will use the arrow keys to make it run on a safe platform.  The space bar can make it jump.

Run 2 gameplay

When the game is officially started, you can choose one of the two characters.  When running, you need to carefully control it on the right platform, because if one is not careful, he will slip.  There is a side platform in the game, and you need to react quickly to let it hit the platform and turn it upside down to form a flat road.

The game features of Run 2

There are many kinds of game levels in Run 2. The more standards you pass, the more difficult the degree you face and the more attention you need.  Moreover, it is a strategy running game, so when running, you need to consider the best route to let it run to the finish line.  The destination here is a colorful road, which can give you an excellent visual experience.

If you like to challenge running games, you must come to Run 2.  Simple operation, it tests your concentration and reaction more.  Because when you are running forward, you must always pay attention to the safety of the front.  Because if you don’t watch, you may fall into the deep hole of the game.  However, do you know da way has the same effect as the former? You must react quickly to find the right path among multiple choices.

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